Marianne Mitzner

FACTS OF THE CASE: Although Marianne's case is solved, her case was mentioned in Patricia Webb's murder, and so I would like to expand on the case a bit more. Marianne Mitzner was 50 years old when her son found her in the bathroom of the rare coin shop she owned with her husband, on... Continue Reading →

Patricia Carol Webb

FACTS OF THE CASE: Patricia Webb was a 24 year old woman who was a new employee at an Adult book and cinema store in Lincoln, NE in 1974. Patricia disappeared overnight on 4/18/1974. Also missing from the store were 51 bondage themed adult magazines, a calculator, $30, and the store front was left open.... Continue Reading →

Christi Nichols

FACTS OF THE CASE: Christi Nichols was a 22 year old mother of 2 small children, living in a small town in Nebraska, with her husband Mark Nichols. Christi married Mark when she was 19 and was a doting mom whose life revolved around her children and marriage. December 11, 1987 Christi is reported missing... Continue Reading →

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